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Unlocking Gen Z Audiences: Elevate Your Brand with Popped Media Group

Service Offerings

At Popped Media Group, we ignite ideas into iconic brands, guiding them through conception to success. Let's transform your vision together.

Video Camera

Commercial Videos

Tell your unique brand story and connect with your audience through high-quality, custom-produced video content. Our end-to-end video production services deliver compelling narratives across platforms.


Engage your audience by bringing your ideas to life through 2D or 3D animation. Our animation services turn complex concepts into sleek, captivating animated content that entertains and informs.

Video Set Up

Commercial Photography

Showcase the essence of your brand and products through professional photography that aligns with your visual identity and messaging. Our photo shoots yield stunning, brand-focused images optimized for your needs.

Travel Apps

Social Media Marketing

Build your brand community and drive real business results through strategic social media marketing campaigns. Our services encompass strategy consulting, branded content creation, audience growth, engagement and data-driven optimized.


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Showcasing Excellence Through Videos

Streamlined Process Explained - How It Works

Step 1: Vision Crafting

Where Your Brand Meets Our Creative Genius

In this initial phase, we dive deep into understanding your unique needs and objectives. We blend your business goals with our creative flair to curate a rich tapestry of innovative ideas. Utilizing mood boards, treatment decks, and other ideation tools, we'll co-create a vision that resonates with both of us.

Step 2: Pre-Production

The Blueprint for Success
Once we've nailed down the creative concept, it's time to get our ducks in a row. We meticulously plan everything scheduling, casting, art direction, crew assembly, location scouting, and gear selection to ensure a seamless production experience. We've got the logistics covered, so you can focus on the big picture.

Step 3: Production

Where the Magic Happens
We thrive on set—it's our playground. Assembling a top-notch team, we deploy our production expertise to bring your brand story to life. You're in the loop every step of the way, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle as your vision becomes reality.

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