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Absolute Filth Hockey Wax

In the initial stages, our organic videos garnered significant attention. Within the first week alone, we observed a notable increase in followers, with a commendable addition of new faces—200 new followers, to be exact. Furthermore, the view count on these videos surpassed the 10,000 mark, a clear indicator of their resonance with the audience.

The success of our organic video campaigns for Absolute Filth Hockey played a pivotal role in sparking interest and curiosity among potential customers. The blend of captivating scents and visually appealing designs, beautifully showcased in these videos, resonated with hockey enthusiasts and beyond.

Absolute Filth Hockey, an innovative startup, has transformed the world of hockey accessories with its scented hockey wax products. When they partnered with us at Popped Media, they were a brand looking to establish themselves. We initiated their social media presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Our strategy revolved around crafting engaging, concise video content that showcased the versatility of their wax. From everyday players to professionals, we highlighted how their products elevate the hockey experience. These videos contributed to gradual growth of their online following.

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