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Stick Grip

Stickgrip is an exciting startup that invented a revolutionary grip that can stick to any pole in under 10 seconds. When they first approached us, Stickgrip had no brand recognition. We saw the viral potential of their product and kicked off their social media presence with Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Our social strategies focused on creating bite-sized, engaging video content that showcased the speed and versatility of Stickgrip's grips. From everyday users to extreme sports athletes, we highlighted all the creative ways to use Stickgrip to capture attention quickly. These fun, shareable videos helped build Stickgrip's following exponentially.

Now, just 2 years after launch, Stickgrip has over 480,000 followers on TikTok and 800 million video views across platforms. Their products have been shared by major influencers and even gone viral multiple times. This social buzz has been a critical driver in boosting Stickgrip's brand awareness with consumers and increasing its revenue 3x.

By tapping into social video and innovative content, we have successfully launched Stickgrip from the ground up. Our campaigns continue putting their adhesive grips straight into the hands of new users globally each day.

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